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Note! I do not maintain this plugin anymore. For latest version check Martijn van der Kleijn’s GitHub repository.

This plugin adds dashboard to Frog CMS. With dashboard you can see what is happening in your admin interface.


Copy plugin files to frog/plugins/dashboard/ folder. If you do not have Git use download link instead.

cd frog/plugins/
git clone git://github.com/tuupola/frog_dashboard.git dashboard

Go to admin and enable Dashboard plugin.

Now you are set to go.


When someone does something in you admin interface it will be logged. You can see what has been happening by clicking the Dashboard tab.

Logging API

Dashboard listens to log_event events. Message is received as a parameter. Other developers can use this for logging their messaged to dashboard. String :username is automatically interpolated to logged in users name.

Observer::notify('log_event', 'Something was done by :username.');

Optionally you can also provide priority and ident for the log message

Observer::notify('log_event', 'Something else was done by :username.',
                               DASHBOARD_LOG_NOTICE, 'pluginname');

Priorities are defined in Dashboard code. However to be safe I recommend using numbers instead of constants. Constants are only defined if Dashboard plugin is installed.

define('DASHBOARD_LOG_EMERG',    0); /* system no longer available */
define('DASHBOARD_LOG_ALERT',    1); /* immediate action required */
define('DASHBOARD_LOG_CRIT',     2); /* critical condition */
define('DASHBOARD_LOG_ERR',      3); /* error condition */
define('DASHBOARD_LOG_WARNING',  4); /* warning messages */
define('DASHBOARD_LOG_NOTICE',   5); /* normal, but significant, condition */
define('DASHBOARD_LOG_INFO',     6); /* general informative messages */
define('DASHBOARD_LOG_DEBUG',    7); /* debugging information */

When asking a question include an URL to example page where the problem occurs. Even better is to make a Fiddle which demonstrates the problem. If you have longer code examples please use pastie.org.