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Using With Ruby and HTTParty

I had totally missed that Google recently opened the API of their URL shortening service. I love short and clean APIs. Accessing it using HTTParty is just few lines of code.

require "rubygems"
require "httparty"
require "json"

class Googl

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iPhone Controlled HTML5 Logo and Color Cube

When Apple released iOS 4.2 end of last year I was on a boat trip to Finland. For me the most interesting features were added to Safari browser. I wanted to learn about WebSockets. New DeviceOrientation API just begged to be abused. I had an idea to control the content of laptop browser by tilting and rotating the phone. I had working but ugly code before ship arrived to Helsinki.

If you have short attention span go straight to the HTML5 logo demo.

Code has been sitting on my hard drive since. I cleaned it up during last couple of days. Also added additional eye candy by using the oh-so-hot-at-the-moment HTML5 logo.

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Built using the awesome Flat UI Pro framework by Designmodo.

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