Lazy Load 1.7.0 Released

Previous version of Lazy Load gained traction pretty fast. Good patches were submitted to GitHub. This version of plugin mostly concentrates on speed optimization and event handlers.

New Events

Two new events were added. Handler for appear event is called when image appears to viewport but before it is loaded. Handler for load event is called when image is loaded. Both event handler receive two parameters. First parameter elements_left is numbers of images left to load. Second parameter settings is the settings passed to Lazy Load plugin. Inside both handlers this refers to the image dom element.

    appear : function(elements_left, settings) {
        console.log(this, elements_left, settings);
    load : function(elements_left, settings) {
        console.log(this, elements_left, settings);

New Parameter

New parameter data_attribute was added. It allows custom naming of original image attribute.

data_attribute  : "kitten"

<img src="/img/placeholder.gif" data-kitten="/img/real-image.png" width="640" height="480" />

Renamed Parameter

Parameter effectspeed was renamed to effect_speed. Old version will work for couple of versions. This parameter has existed before but it was previously undocumented.


Viewport selectors got tuned up. Internally they are used to determine when image appears on screen. Speed up is around 25%. You can compare speed tests of 1.6.0 and 1.7.0. While you’re at there click the Run tests button to help me collect better data. Some selector names were added and changed to match Viewport Selectors plugin.



Latest source or minified. Plugin has been tested with Safari 5.1, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 7.0, Firefox 8.0 on OSX and Firefox 3.0, Chrome 14 and IE 8 on Windows and Safari 5.1 on iOS 5 both iPhone and iPad.

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