(keitai-l) Re: Daiei Inc?

From: Nina Young <nina.young_at_jup.com>
Date: 05/10/00
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Does anybody know if, in addition to purchase and pick up at convenience
stores, will there be a return policy for items ordered via the i-mode phone?

I know Japan isn't big on returns in general..

"a.goh" wrote:

> To be more precise, it's Lawson which starts i-mode ecommerce services.
> Lawson, whose soon-to-be-ex owner is Daiei, is the second largest CVS chain
> in Japan, after 7-eleven.
> Lawson's in-store multimedia terminals registered about $380M in sales
> (travel, concert tickets, etc.) last year. With i-mode, users will be able
> to book items over the cell and complete purchase at a nearby Lawson.
> 7-eleven is planning a similar service this fall.
> > > http://www.cnetinvestor.com/newsitem-fd-bloomberg.asp?symbol=86949458
> > >
> > > In the url above there is a story about Daiei Inc starting
> > > to use i-mode technology to expand their electric commerce
> > > service.
> > >
> > > What is Daiei Inc. Is it something like 7-eleven, or how
> > > would you describe it?
> a.goh

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