(keitai-l) Re: Stock Options in BV

From: a.goh <go_at_arcjapan.com>
Date: 05/15/00
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
>Sorry if this post is way off topic, but you folks seem to be the perfect
>people to ask...
>Has anyone working in Bit Valley been asked to join a startup at a
>relatively low salary, with stock options provided as incentive in lieu?
>reason I ask is that some BV startups are offering salaries like
>JPY1,200/hr, or JPY210,00/month, for positions required fairly
>programming skills (cgi, Flash, mobile Web, etc.).

I wouldn't be surprised if some cash-stripped companies in Shibuya do such
an "offer", but it al£́ depends on who you'd classify as "a BitValley

In general terms, there are two noticeable differences from, say, Silicon
i) Engineers are paid as much as non-engineers and according to the age.
   Y1,200/hr is a fairly good rate for developers still in college and CS
majors from top schools with a few years' experience, if available, can be
hired for $30,000-35,000 - after the stock-option discount.

ii) Under current Japanese law,  a company capitalized Y10 million (minimum
legal) can reserve only 20 shares for stock options. For a future-Rakuten
worker, this may be very lucrative; for others, forget.

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