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From: Jud Taylor <taylor_at_gol.com>
Date: 05/16/00
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r e n

I'll take a look.

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The only one that works directly that I know of is Intellisync for Keitai
(http://www.aicon.co.jp/aicon/dproducts.asp?id=389) which uses the
Intellisync SDK.

I've also tried indirectly synching PIM data to the phone with various
software like Keitai Eddie, but so far none of them completely support the
N502i (for example doesn't support the multiple phone numbers and emails per
person entry in phone book)

r e n

Jud Taylor wrote:

> Quick question (I pray it is not on the FAQ):
> Does anyone know of software to sync data between a N502i and various PIM
> software?
> Thanks,
> Jud

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