(keitai-l) Re: Where is NM502i?

From: Mark J. Brady <Mark.Brady2_at_JAMESMARTIN.COM>
Date: 06/06/00
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I checked one out this weekend in akihabara, however I thought the front
slide was fairly clunky and changed my mind about purchasing one...

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Not off the marker, just selling very well.

r e n

daniel dolan wrote:

> For the past two weeks I have ferreted about for a
> NM502i with no success. Are they completely off the
> market for now? Any hints?
> --Dan Dolan
> >Data exchange between palm pilot and NM502i is painless and simple. Can
> >use it as a wireless ir modem. Compatible with Windows 98/95/CE and Palm,
> >well as Sharp's Zaurus and a bunch of other stuff.
> >
> >r e n
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ascii: r e n f i e l d
octal: \162 \145 \156 \146 \151 \145 \154 \144
hex:   \x72 \x65 \x6e \x66 \x69 \x65 \x6c  \x64
** note new work email: renfield.kuroda@msdw.com **

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