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Date: 08/09/00
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No URL I'm afraid, but the article itself was on page 15 of yesterday's
paper...Have faxed through a copy to you on the Westcyber fax no.

In summary, the service is called "Mobile @ Nifty" and is aimed at Nifty's
existing fixed-line customer base of 3.8M users. Big question is what
percentage of them have i-mode phones ... Anyway, can handle billing of
content 300 yen + (ie, the stuff that Docomo hasn't concentrated on to date)
and seemingly relies on a 4 digit PIN for security.

Cheers again,


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>> Also saw something in the Nikkei today about Nifty offering a
>> similar service from September.
>Do you have an URL for that info?
>> >Well if you don't like NTT DoCoMo, there is now NTT
>> >Communications...
>Their service has certain limitations and constrains as
>well, like: only companies or other juridical entities
>(no private individuals) can sign the service contract
>and vendors can only sell data content via the service
>(no hard goods) etc.
>For more info see this review:
>NTT Communications offers i-mode 3rd party billing solution
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