(keitai-l) i-mode technical faq

From: Andrea Hoffmann <ah_at_anima.de>
Date: 09/05/00
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Dear list, 

since today Japan Mobile Information offers a 

Technical i-mode FAQ

which answers questions like: 

- What do I have to do to become an official English/International 
  i-mode site and get listed on the i-mode browser menu?
- Are there any HTML tags or attributes especially for i-mode?
- Are there emulators to access i-mode sites from a computer?


Hope you find the info provided there useful - any feedback is 
welcome as always! And thanks a lot to all the people on keitai-l 
who contributed to this FAQ, especially to Ren.

Andrea Hoffmann -- Editor-in-Chief --  hoffmann@westcyber.com
Japan Mobile Information  ----  http://anima.editthispage.com
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