(keitai-l) Re: tsutaya ads

From: David Collier <dc_at_gamelet.com>
Date: 09/11/00
Message-Id: <E13YJD6-0001cn-00@pong.gamelet.com>
> According to an interview I did with the head of the multi-media 
group in 
> docomo kansai, the average I-mode user pays between 250 and 300 yen 
> content charges to docomo. This is independent of the packet charges.
> jeff

jeff -

do you know if this was the amount docomo received net, after paying 
content providers?

ie 9% = 300Yen, therefore 100% ~= 3000Yen

so average user is taking in about 10-20 different content sites at 
average of 150Yen? That seems very high...

It seems more likely the 250 is gross docomo receipts, indicating 1.5 
content subs average per user. Still, thats 10M different content 
subscriptions and growing...

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