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From: Renfield Kuroda <Renfield.Kuroda_at_msdw.com>
Date: 09/21/00
Message-ID: <39C9B56D.ABEF6300@msdw.com>
J-Phones support both MML and HTML.

I would guess that the J-Phone gateway converts HTML at the gateway before
sending to the handset, but I cannot confirm.

r e n

Jöran Roslund (EMW) wrote:

> Hi,
> >  I realized that in the 'real
> > world' many developers seem to use HTML instead of MML as their
> > markup language for J-Sky sites.
> >
> > My educated guess would be therefore, that since even J-Phone
> > is writing its very own j-sky mobile edition in HTML instead
> > of MML, all J-Phone handsets should be able to display HTML
> > and it seems to have more advantages then disadvantages or
> > at least is more convenient to make J-Sky sites up in HTML
> > then in MML...
> Well, do you really know that the J-Sky gateway sends HTML and
> not MML to your handset? J-Skys's server must be able to tell if
> the request for a page is coming from a PC on the Internet
> or from a mobile phone. J-Sky's gateway could easily convert
> HTML to MML. Since there seems to be a near 1-to-1 correspondence
> between HTML and MML tags, such a program would be extremely
> simple to write and fast to execute. As far as I understand it,
> the advantage of MML is to save bandwidth - or rather in this
> case transmission time - and memory in the handset. By using
> HTML instead of MML in the gateway -> handset link, you would
> lose these advantages.
> Regards,
> Joran
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