(keitai-l) Re: I_Mode English Simulator

From: Andrea Hoffmann <ah_at_anima.de>
Date: 09/25/00
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

> > Hi! Can any good samaritan down here , can help
> > me to get one. I can only find Japanese version.
> Sure:
> http://www.pixo.com/products/rBrowser.html

The pixo microbrowser 2.0 is actually not just a simulator, 
it is (well, as the name says) a full microbrowser supposed 
to be built into cell phones. 

The downloadable desktop simulator version therefore seems to 
be more a by-product to show consumers and developers how the 
content would look like on a real (pixo) phone browser. 

But it can of course also be used as a more general English 
language windows simulator to access cHTML pages (which is 
only partly the same as i-mode compatible pages) and the built 
in start page of the simulator also already has some links 
to Japanese i-mode sites and includes the ability to display 
Japanese characters on English Windows.

> It doesn't work very good with pictures (my portfolio doesn't
> work with it, even if it works an every live phone) but the
> rest is ok. Try it out.

It also doesn't show the i-mode picture symbols (for a list, 
see http://anima.editthispage.com/imodefaq/q11) which have 
been added by DoCoMo to the cHTML standard and are therefore 
part of the i-mode compatible HTML specification by DoCoMo 
and not part of cHTML. But then again: the Pixo microbrowser 
is not meant to be an i-mode simulator as far as I understand.

Btw, Pixo also published a Style Guide on how to create wireless 
optimized sites which can be downloaded here:

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