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Kei-Ichi Enoki at a presentation this afternoon stated that i-mode ARPU is
now 2,000/mo and voice 8,000/mo


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This survey has a lot of misleading information. For example, it uses the 
words "online shopping" when it is really talking about the purchase of 
contents like ringing melodies and animation. The survey then tells us that 
I-mode users taking part in the survey spent 1,845 yen per month on average 
for online shopping. But these figures are not online shopping expenses but 
average package charges per month. docomo has told announced in the 
newspapers and told myself and many others that its average packet charges 
per person per month are about 1800 a month (and interestingly rising). 
Content charges are only between 250 and 300 yen a month per person (and 
also rising). The most recent source of data for average packet revenue per 
user per month can be found in the following interview:
掲載日:2000/09/22 媒体:日経産業新聞 ページ: 5〜5

As for real online shopping, there is almost none. Tsutaya online claims 
that it made about 50 million yen in july.

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This might be interesting for some list members:

"Infocom Research's I-mode user survey about cell phone
usage, online shopping, costs and payment methods"

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