(keitai-l) Phone e-mail gets OK on trains (but only in odd

From: Sanjay Verma <sunjay07_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 10/13/00
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So, essentially the problem lies in the way (voice tone, yelling etc.)  some 
folks use the phone or the attitude of some people, not accomodating the 
need of mobile phone users and not so much in the mobile phone usage itself?


>I find phone conversations irritating on public transport because the >tone 
>of voice is different enough to disturb in that it attracts >attention to 
>the speaker. The other conversations that might be going >on around me 
>between passengers are "natural toned" and so are easy to >tune out; also, 
>natural conversations are generally not as loud as >phone speakers. A rough 
>parallel would be announcements made in English >on some lines. I tune out 
>the Japanese announcements about not >forgetting my belongings etc., but I 
>find a way of ding this with the announcements in English, such as on >the 
>urikamo Line. The intonation on the latter drives me nuts.

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