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From: Paul Wallace <paul.wallace_at_spike.ne.jp>
Date: 12/05/00
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You can download any GIF image to use as a background, but using it as a
background or animation is a phone function that differs with models. 

Your phone's manual explains this (if you can read it). Off the top of my
head, from the 502it you can (1) view a GIF in i-mode first (perhaps send
yourself the URL for a GIF via email to your DoCoMo email account and then
open that link in i-mode), (2) press your phone's menu button and choose to
download it (I think it is the 3rd choice), (3) exit out of i-mode and press
the menu button again to go to your phone's menu, (4) choose menu #56 and
select the image that you downloaded (the last choice). Now it should be
your background image.

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> This may seem like a slightly simple question for this list, 
> but here goes:
> Can anyone point me to a service which allows someone to 
> download a small
> gif image that they have created themselves to their i-mode 
> phone, and then
> use it as the screen saver? I'm sure this is possible, as 
> everyone knows
> that lots of Japanese girls are downloading pictures of their cat, or
> Kitty-Chan or whatever, every day. But as a gaijin who is out 
> of the loop
> and with rudimentary Japanese, I can't figure out if this is 
> a standard
> phone function (502it) or if there's an official page I 
> should be going to.
> Can anyone straighten me out here?
> Dave
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