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From: Safar, Jean <Jean.Safar_at_tokyo.dresdnerkb.com>
Date: 12/08/00
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Thanx a lot for your mail. I downloaded Pixo, which is acceptable at this
point, despite the restrictions you noted. 

As for the TABLE tag, I looked again but could not find it defined? Is
available in some other form? 

Best regards


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> Jean,
> Right now there isn't a decent i-mode emulator. 
> Wapprofit's emulator is simply a desktop browser (probably IE's engine)
> with
> a reduced screen size. It doesn't replicate i-mode any more than reducing
> your browser to that size. The text attributes, color palette, memory
> size,
> and other important features of developing for this system are not
> represented. Their replication of an i-mode handset is (IMHO) not very
> crowd
> pleasing either, i.e. there's not way that I could take this emulator into
> a
> client presentation to demo/sell an i-mode application.
> Pixo's browser is a lot better in some respects, but isn't specifically
> tailored to i-mode. The demo version that you download is a grayscale one,
> but the screenshots on their site are color. I have emailed them several
> times to find out about the color/enhanced version (and i-mode specific
> version), but haven't received a response yet. It doesn't support a lot of
> i-mode's additions, as it is strictly a cHTML emulator.
> BTW, did you know that i-mode's browser does support the table tag?
> Basically, I develop with Pixo, along with a desktop browser, then test in
> the i-mode handset itself. This can be expensive (and even impossible if
> you're outside Japan). We have a lot of amazing Flash developers where I
> work, so we've done some demos with Flash and Director creating the i-mode
> environment for clients. If anyone is interested in co-developing a
> full-featured Flash or Director-based emulator, or would like to hire us
> to
> do this project, please let me know. 
> There is a real need for a true i-mode emulator on a PC that replicates
> the
> experience of using one of these handsets. Other opinions and/or
> information
> is appreciated.
> Paul
> ] paul wallace, ph.d.
> ] senior information architect
> S   P   I   K   E   C y b e r W o r k s
> > I Have been searching this list and the diverse FAQs and 
> > sites but could not
> > find a decent imode emulator. I know this can be seen from a 
> > regular browser
> > but I would like an actual emulator if it exists. Does anyone 
> > know if such a
> > thing exists (not one based on explorer...)
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