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Date: 04/12/01
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on 01.4.12 11:56 AM, Jani PATOKALLIO at jpatokal@iki.fi wrote:

> Marbo Higuchi wrote:
>> I think, two key reason for Nokia's decision of OEM deal with SANYO;
>> 1) Competitive digital mobile phones must have a full color graphic display
>> 2) Timing
> 3) After their miserable performance during the last 5 years or so,
> Nokia has finally admitted that their R&D can't keep up with the
> Japanese companies...
> Of course, the Sanyo OEM is PDC and thus (from Nokia's POV) pretty
> much irrelevant in the large scale of things.  It will, however, be
> very interesting to watch whether Nokia can manage to roll out its
> own 3G phones, or whether they'll be demoted to an outfit that
> designs pretty covers.
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> Jani Patokallio (jpatokal@iki.fi) / HCI Lab, University of Tokyo

From a different viewpoint.

At least Nokia has achieved just enough brand power among a segment of
Japanese consumers to *market* products, this small feat has not been
achieved by other European manufacturers...

In the short term I would be interested in whether the Nokia brand is
affected by using the Sanyo-looking phone.

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