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Date: 04/17/01
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Looking at Nextel's web I found these two Java models

i85s                   "Sale Price: $199.99"

i50sx                  "Sale Price: $149.99"

They both require a cable ($34.95)  connection to a PC which dowloads the
"iDen Update" http://commerce.motorola.com/nextel/main/
And these are the current apps. available
a)    Expense Pad
b)    Sega Games
c)    LoanCalc
d)    Reversi
e)    Calculator
f)    Snake
g)    Minesweeper 

Not much... but the cable idea is interesting.

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on 01.4.17 1:17 AM, Luca Franchi at Luca.Franchi@helloNetwork.com wrote:
> Yep, then again I've been trying to get in touch with Nextel for the past
> two weeks and they have no clue on what to do with the i85s, which are also
> expected to come out in Q4 with a color screen.  Unfortunately I was only
> given a reply that in two to three weeks Nextel would actually know how to
> bring the Java potential to fruition.  I really hope so.
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> From: Seamus McAteer [mailto:SMcAteer@jmm.com]
> there are a some Motorola J2ME enabled handsets being made available for
> Nextel's iDen network. Its still early days. Nextel controls its channel and
> Motorola is the only handset vendor (it more or less financed the build out
> of the network) and this should result in clean execution. Nextel
> subscribers tend to use the phones for work--primarily blue collar work.
> Would expect that at least a couple of million will be in use by the end of
> the year!
> S.
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> From: JAPON.NET [mailto:web@japon.net]
> CNET reports that Java Phones were introduced in March in the US.
> Anybody has more info? How are sales going?
> Qualcomm adds to partner brew CNET News.com April 13, 2001
> http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1004-200-5595654.html?tag=mn_hd
> (...)
> Analysts say even with Qualcomm's BREW gaining more than 60 developers, it
> still pales in comparison with Sun's Java initiative for cell phones, which
> has signed on about 11,000 developers. Phones with Java and applications
> like a rudimentary Tetris-style game already were introduced last month in
> the United States.
> (...)
> Vincent J. Luna, Director

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