(keitai-l) KDDI's EZWeb

From: Zev Blut <zev_at_atc.yamatake.co.jp>
Date: 05/10/01
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

I am curious if anybody has any links to any EZweb sites that make use of
interesting wmlscript?
That is of course, assuming that EZWeb allows for wmlscript!  I have not
been able to determine this yet.

Here is an amusing story to lighten up the day: I have been searching for
details about wml and wmlscript's capabilities and problems.  My luck in
finding good information was not so great, even on the keitai archives = (,
until I went and searched for the keywords "wmlscript" and "sucks"!  Now I
have a few days worth of details and arguments to read up on!  I wonder if
adding "sucks" as a keyword for other searches will help filter out all of
the miscellaneous news and frivolous information and get to the details....


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