(keitai-l) Re: i-mode ja > en translation on the fly

From: Juergen Specht <js_at_nooper.com>
Date: 05/14/01
Message-ID: <8316291576.20010514185842@nooper.com>
Hi Jan,

> Altavista's translation engine can be used to translate
> content on i-mode pages from Japanese to English on the fly.
> It works from your keitai.

nope, it doesn't work...

The error encountered is: Not a valid referer.

They check if you original come from the input form
of the AltaVista page (one pageimpression =
advertisement = revenue) to the result page (second
pageimpression = advertisement = revenue).

If you type in directly the URL they simply get only
one pageimpression and so their business model will
fail and they will go bankrupt...and just because of
a simple post this list ;)

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