(keitai-l) SV: Re: GPRS content question -- please help!

From: Johan Montelius <johan.montelius_at_jupitermmxi.com>
Date: 07/03/01
Message-ID: <73EB6676083BD511B4DA009027B6B55656FB@EXEURO02>
>Could I ask you did you notice an improvement in the time it takes to
>WAP sites when you started using a GPRS enabled handset ?

As the question arise I can provide you with some WAP/GPRS feedback

I've been using a Ericsson R520, a GPRS enabled 1/4 (up to four time slots
in the down link although the network will probably not give me more than
two) that supports all coding schemes (CS-1 to CS-4, the highest with a
theoretical bit rate of 21.4Kbps although CS-2 is probably all that you get
i.e. 13.4Kbps) giving a practical speed of about 20Kbps. I'm using the
Europolitan Vodafone network in Sweden.

The first access takes aprx 8 seconds. The handset needs to register with
the network and receive an IP number etc. The following pages takes 3 to 4
seconds to access. Since there is probably a 1 second delay in the network
due to latency in the radio link, gateway and server response and another
second for the phone to do the rendering I doubt that moving up from 20Kbps
will reduce the actual time between pages with that much. 

I've done some testing connection my PC over the GPRS link but the operator
have problem supporting W2000 so I've not been very successful. However
looking at some ping statistics there is a 0.8 sec latency accessing the
first node on the network. I'll provide some more feedback when the W2000
problem is solved.

>One of the vaunted reasons for i-mode superiority over circuit-switched WAP
>is speed of access to content from clicking the handset until the content
>arriving back,....

I would say that much more important is the fact that I'm not being ruined
accessing WAP pages. On a circuit-switch connection I pay something like 25
cents a minute which of course adds up; checking the latest news could cost
me 3 euros. With the GPRS price plan that I have I pay a monthly fee of 40
euros and a Mbyte charge of 2.50 euros. Since WAPing only consumes one or
two MB/month I don't even have to think about the extra cost.


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