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From: Gustaf Rosell <gustaf_at_xpedio.com>
Date: 08/01/01
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At 20:10 2001-08-01, you wrote:
> > Although, the DoCoMo roll-out of a non 3GPP compliant UMTS network remains
>a cause for concern.
>Just for clarification's sake, DoCoMo's UMTS network is not non-3GPP 
>at least not according to one of the official spokesman for DoCoMo's 3G
>networking operations. The existing FOMA network is built on the June 2000 (or
>was that 1999) version of the 3GPP specs., which can be made compatible with
>the latest 3GPP standard with a "simple" software upgrade to the basestations.

As I understand it, this is principally correct. There are some 
configuration and handset issues that currently will not make it possible 
to roam between DoCoMo and European 3G networks, despite the fact that most 
European operators also are planning to start their services on Release 99 
(which of course may change).

Upgrading between Release 99 and Release 4 or 5 (which is more fully packet 
oriented) is a software issue, but also upgrading of backbone networks etc.

And as FT reports, it is quite strange that NEC and Fujitsu are receiving 
so few orders in Europe. But after having met with their network sales 
people, I wouldn't blame everything on unfair play or something. They have 
not yet adapted to European conditions. Seeing a sales person sleep during 
their own sale pitch is a bit odd...


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