(keitai-l) Re: Sense of video on wireless phones

From: Tony Chan <tonyc_at_telecomasia.net>
Date: 08/07/01
Message-ID: <3B6FB8E8.A6073743@telecomasia.net>
Planet of the Apes trailer: 2 min 15 seconds over circuit-switched 64kbps
connection - according to Ren.

135sec x 64kbps = 7.872Mbits

divided by 8 (8bits per byte)

= 984,000bytes

divided by 128 (bytes per packet)

= 7687.5 packets

x 0.05 (yen per packet)

= 384.38 yen

If an average i-mode user spends 2,500 yen a month, then a single item on
m-stage will cost about 1/8th of a typical users monthly spending. How many
people will be willing to pay for that?

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