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From: Anders Lindh <alindh_at_flyerone.com>
Date: 08/10/01
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Hi, this is my first post to this list. I've been on this list for about
2 months, and find it really valuable. Thanks everybody!

> Well yes, to some extent, but it's more what is behind the brand. They
> one of the main factors for us not having a usable mobile Internet in
> western world. By having such a dominant position on the handset
> and then not having any decent mobile Internet capable handsets (they
> still not shown a functional GPRS phone) they are perhaps they have 

I don't think Nokia should get all the blame for not introducing mobile
in the western world. European governments and their shortsightedness
with huge
3G license fees are the ones to blame. As a result operators have been
short on 
money and investments in GPRS networks have been delayed. As long there
isn't a
large enough installed base of GPRS networks (and thus potential end
users) it simply
doesn't pay to launch new phones. And Nokia actually makes money selling
phones, unlike
some other phone manufacturers. 

On the service side, this is actually a chicken and egg problem. People
don't have enough 
GPRS phones yet, so service providers delay launches of new services. On
the otherhand, 
operators and phone manufacturers delay shipment of new technology
bacause of lack of 
third party services. Once things get rolling (cheap 2.5G phones
available) Europe will
surely get it's act together.

Anders Lindh


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