(keitai-l) Re: I just saw the strangest TV ad

From: Justin <justin_at_fka.att.ne.jp>
Date: 10/01/01
Message-Id: <20011001182825.90A5.JUSTIN@fka.att.ne.jp>
> What is the cost comparison between outfitting a kettle with a PHS, and
> outfitting a kettle with - say - an SMS message unit and something to
> write to it?

I see Bluetooth, or similar, meeting these kind of needs rather than PHS

> I guess the problem will also be attacked from the other end (potty usage)
> - have TOTO started to advertise  smart loos? (Wives! - check your
> husband's alchohol intake!)


> >By coincidence, the ad was run during a heart wrenching 
> >Sunday evening story about what happens to guide dogs for the blind 
> >when they get too old to guide any longer..
> Cad! - we are agog - again - so what DOES happen to aging Japanese guide
> dogs. Glue factory? Vivesection? Cat food?

You'd love that, wouldn't you Mr. Catlover?

I know this is hopelessly off topic, but please, I'm with Nick here.
Put us out of our misery (pun intended): 
What does happen to Goldie when he's too old to protect the blind from

Justin <justin@fka.att.ne.jp>

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