(keitai-l) Re: I just saw the strangest TV ad

From: Eric Hildum <Eric_Hildum_at_itochu.net>
Date: 10/02/01
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Why would you bother building the device with the capability to make a voice
call? If the call isn't class marked as voice, it would not be routed to the
119 service by the network. End of problem.

on 01.10.2 0:28 AM, cfb at cfb@nirai.ne.jp wrote:

> Nick May wrote:
>> [...]
>> hacked and is participating in a DOS attack on the White House.
> ...as opposed to DoSing the local 911 telephone service after
> receiving an appropriatly formated SPAM e-mail? (personally,
> I could care less if the Whitehouse.gov has been/is/will be DoS...
> if emergency servces are DoSed, there is the definite risk that
> people might die (ok, maybe not in Japan, but certainly in other
> places].
> PHS connected devices (and cellular connected devices in
> general) may be a little more secure than your average
> randomly internet connected device; however, it's not *that*
> much more secure.

Eric Hildum 

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