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From: Harry Behrens <Harry_at_Behrens.com>
Date: 10/10/01
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for what you are trying to do, you should probably look at the Ez-web
phones. They are superior in

- application size (up to 50K)
- integration with underlying phone system (e.g. they allow PhoneTo links)
- faster throughput rates (CDMA-one has 64 kb/s)
- international compatibility (they are basically using the same platform as
Europe and the US; in fact most of the software standards are American - by
Qualcomm, phone.com etc.)
- use WAP but mask it so it becomes easy to use
- support gpsOne !

etc. etc.

I would also expect that any killer app you might write has an easier chance
to make it to an EZ-web official status than getting NTT DoCoMo to take you

Just my 2c,

	Harry Behrens

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> Aha.  So this scratchpad then, if my applet writes 10kb of data to it, no
> applet can write data to it?  I'm presuming that the scratchpad area is
> erased inbetween running different applets, if this area is supposed to be
> to store highscores, user names etc.
> So does each applet get a permanent 10Kb to use as a scratchpad, or do all
> applets have to share the same 10Kb?

Each i-appli gets up to 10kb (you have to specify how much in the jam file)
of storage
to use.  i-applis cannot share the information in the Scratchpad, so data
stored by
an i-appli is only accessible by that i-appli.  Midlets (programs that use
Sun's MIDP profile)
if they are in the same Midlet suite can share storage, remember NTT
DoCoMo's i-appli is not a Midlet.

> And how stable is the scratchpad?  If I write something there, can I rely
on it
> being there when the user restarts the same applet a month later?

Well stability wise, they are pretty stable.  Granted I have not left a
phone without power for a month, nor have I violently dropped my phone on
the ground or stuck it into a power plug.
For normal usage and situations you can consider the data permanent until
you programmatically
delete it or if the user deletes you application ( then the storage bound
with the application is deleted too)

I hope that helps,

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