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From: John Whelan <john.whelan_at_alatto.com>
Date: 10/15/01
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A useful gadget if you are frustrated with using two sims when roaming is a
dual sim card kit. These are becoming widely available as add-on kits for
most popular phones in Europe. They enable user to switch with ease between
cards without the hassle of removing and probably losing at least one of the
cards. See http://users.pandora.be/technimex/dualsimcard.htm

John Whelan
Alatto Ltd.
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Co Dublin

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I live in California and recently visited Australia. My local network
provider charges me about $2.50 per minute for international roaming plus
long-distance charges of about $2.50 a minute. So to call home from
Australia costs me about $5 per minute on my GSM phone.

By buying a pre-paid simm card, I was able to call back home for 20 minutes
for less than $10 Australian. In other words, $0.25US vs $5.00, a 20X markup
for somone.

I cant believe roaming is such a rip-off in Asia or Europe. I know people
who live in Taiwan and use a Hong Kong phone, so they cant be paying all
that much extra for 'roaming'.

-jim munro

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