(keitai-l) Some questions on J2ME services in Japan

From: Bert Jan te Paske <BertJan.tePaske_at_mobillion.nl>
Date: 11/13/01
Message-ID: <35BEFB0B7317D411B51F00D0B73E4CB5288934@PDC_MOBILLION>

I live in Europe (the Netherlands) and have some questions about J2ME
services in Japan. Are there any figures on these issues:

- How many Java enabled phones have been sold in Japan?
- How many J2ME applications are available from NTT DoCoMo and J-Phone?
- How many downloads do they get?
- How much does a customer pay for an I-Appli download?
- What kinds of application are the most popular? (entertainment,
communication, information)
- Are there I-Applis using network connectivity (e.g. multi-player games,
chat clients)? If so, who hosts the game/chat server and what is the revenue
sharing model?

It would be great if any of you could help me with (links to) this kind of
information. I find it hard to find the answers on the Internet!

Bert Jan te Paske

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Received on Tue Nov 13 13:10:41 2001