(keitai-l) Re: Screen size comparison chart?

From: David Davies <david_at_intadev.com>
Date: 11/16/01
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We have this code as part of mIntaDev which we be releasing (on the week
of the 26th assuming the developers get their act together - no
promises.) as Open Source, (modified IBM Public License)

It contains a Java Servlet which handles the browser detect
functionality and feeds off a compressed data file with the handset
capabilities of a wide range of phones and PDAs including DoCoMo, Jphone
Au Tuka Palm PocketPC etc etc.
The key feature is not to parse a array each time as on a high demand
site this creates a lot of server load.

The database is not complete but the best we know exists,  I hope by
making it OS will allow it to remain the most up to date.

We have an ActiveX for ASP also but it requires more work before we
release it, the main hold up is that we want the two to remain
compatible and we loose control after we release it.

They both provide a variety of interfaces to return the results you
require, such as screen width, height, colors etc.

It works with another servlet that chooses a best fit image to match the
handset or PDA.

David Davies

P.S. A surprising number of people replied after I offered this last
time and as a result I have not replayed to all yet, apologies.

I passed all e-mail addresses on to the developers and they will send
you the JSP code as soon as they're happy, 
The Php version which many people asked about will be a somewhat further
off as our clients mostly use JSP or ASP and for financial reasons these
get priority.

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While all that's good to know, I'd like to add that, for
non-handset-specific apps (i-applis in particular), you should use the
getWidth() and getHeight() functions and then do the layout dynamically,
if possible.

One other useful metric would be the font sizes supported.  Because on
many handsets there's a difference between what the getDefaultFontSize()
returns and what actually appears on the screen.

I was thinking about making a 'compatibility class' that would provide
info to i-appli and even i-mode designers (on the server side, I guess)
about screen X, Y, maybe color depth, font sizes supported (S, M, L, and
fontHeight for each), i-appli & scratchpad size, and backlight and vibe
support.  Email me if you'd be interested in such a thing.  If there's
enough interest, I can get started.


--- Josh White <josh@blackbrick.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can find a list of handset screen sizes?  
> Perhaps it's obvious why I want this info: phone app designers should 
> know what size screen to target.
> To decide what screen size to target, it helps to know what痴 planned 
> to be out there. My dream list would include the top 10 new handsets 
> in Europe and USA and Japan. My definition of ?op 10?means 
> hottest-selling, not biggest installed base. Each handset entry would
> 	make & model;
> 	width x height (pixels)  x color depth (bits);
> 	screen type (if not LCD - e.g. TFT);
> 	aspect;
>  (and while I芭 dreaming, I壇 also like to know:)
> 	sales volume (units / month);
> 	Installed base (units)
> 	approx. data ability (SMS, WAP, J2ME, DoJa, BREW, PalmOS)
> 	RAM size
> 	Performance ability (CPU & speed? benchmark? whatever...)
> Ha! Like anyone痴 going to give me all that data!... Anyway, back here

> on earth, I found some unconfirmed data (from a hasty glance through 
> Keitai-l archives, and some quick web searches).
> Make Model #; 	width x height x color depth (in bits, not #
> Nokia 7110 series;	48 x 48 x 1
> Samsung SCH-N101;	128 x 64 x 1
> Samsung SCH-A301;	128 x 112 x 2
> Samsung SCH-A360;	128 x 96 x 2
> Motorola T2288;	96 x 64 x __
> Docomo P2101v;	176 x 182 x 16?
> Docomo P209is;	98 x 97 x __
> Docomo NM502i;	111 x 106 x __
> Docomo N2001;	120 x 130 x __
> Docomo N503i;	120 x 130 x __
> Docomo N502i;	118 x 128 x 8?
> Docomo So503i;	120 x 120 x __
> Additions & corrections (or better yet, sources for my dream study) 
> are most welcome.
> thanks,
> -Josh
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> Josh White
> Blue Mug Inc. - Berkeley CA -   www.bluemug.com
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