(keitai-l) Re: The truth about mobile data

From: Nick May <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 11/20/01
Message-id: <[email protected]>
keitai-l@appelsiini.net writes:
>Great, that was very clear from their "technical" flash-filled website.
>Mind pasting some links with relevant information?

It's more a general knowledge thing, old chap.... before people start
shooting their mouth off, as you have done, they are expected to acquaint
themselves with the basics of how proxies work, how NAT works, that sort
of thing.... Or even do a little research.... (Of course, anyone NOT
requiring to shoot their mouth off is free to ask whatever idiot questions
they like, and will be responded to with courtesy and respect.)

DOCOMO publish a list of the IP range their gateways work in - it is  not
that hard to find. Lots of people use it to ensure they only serve to
phones, not any Tim, Dick and Harry off the web. 

Their flash filled website IS an abomination unto the gods, but the link
is precisely 2 clicks away from the front page...

click "imode"

"lets make imode websites", last option, "Bandwidth of Docomo ip addresses"

here is the relevant frame... 


As they say, these are the addresses of their firewalls. They also make it
clear that they will expand capacity within this ip range.

You ARE currently rather bringing your company into disrepute with your
disobliging and loutish attitude.


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