(keitai-l) How fast are those Japanese thumbs ?

From: Graham Brown <gbrown_at_wirelessworldforum.com>
Date: 11/30/01
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Now I wonder how agile the Japanese are in inputting Kana on their keypads.
I was amazed
that this 16yr old english girl knocked out a 43 word message in 100 seconds
(from news below)
... Makes me feel pretty old? Do we have a national record from Japan too ?
Maybe some anecdotal evidence
from this list?

Graham Brown

See news :
A 16-year-old girl from Wigan is the UK's fastest texter
Lindsay Fletcher won the iobox challenge after sending an SMS message in the
fastest time. It took her one minute 40 seconds to type in the 43-word
competition message.The overall time included a one second penalty for a
mistake. Wireless services company iobox decided to hold a competition to
find the fastest texter in the UK.The firm promoted the competition across
the country and whittled the hopefuls down to 10 nimble-fingered finalists
who took part in the event in London.Lindsay and the other contestants had
to text this message to the judges' phone: "Iobox says: I'm the UK's
fastest, funkiest, speediest, greatest at texting! A star! A second-to-none
wonder texter - no-one's quicker than me! Addicted to text, I'm so fast it's
magic! Ha, I know you are very jealous of me, so there!" Channel 5's 'The
Core' presenter Kate McIntyre introduced the event.
The judges were 'What Cellphone' editor Phil Lattimore and  Josh Dhaliwal -
founder of the Wireless World Forum (mobileYouth).

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