(keitai-l) Re: The economy of Japanese text?? Kill me now. (Or kill me later.)

From: Douglas MacDougall <mac_at_gnajp.com>
Date: 12/04/01
Message-ID: <000901c17cc8$8bf0c4c0$060119ac@gna.gnajp.com>
Well, I invite you to come to Japan to teach everyone English. Good luck. Japan has quite arguably
the worst English language ability of any industrial country and even many 3rd world countries.
(Excepting perhaps France, but it's hard to tell since even those who KNOW English refuse to speak
it) In any event, if you want to argue about space as in bandwidth, you're just wasting it, because
NTTDocomo is going to remain Japanese language centric for the foreseeable future. Unless something
revolutionary happens, you might as well get used to those parameters.

Douglas MacDougall
GNA Inc. Japan

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