(keitai-l) translation from japanese to english

From: gaurang khatri <simplygaurang_at_yahoo.co.in>
Date: 12/06/01
Message-ID: <20011206030211.99710.qmail@web8004.mail.in.yahoo.com>
Hello Friends,

I have seen one site which provides the facility to
view contenct of any page on the web in any other
language. It provides facility to view japanese page
in english. There are also many languages in which we
can see the page. Here is the URL of that site.


Just note that at the end of above URL there is
www.hanpake.com. So, instead of www.hanpake.com write
the name of the page you want to see and then open the
above site. May be many people knowing about this, but
I post this just to help those who dont know Japanese.

have fun,

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