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From: Gustaf Rosell <gustaf_at_xpedio.com>
Date: 12/08/01
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>What are the European i-mode phones?  (NTT DoCoMo's both .com and .co.jp
>seem to be broken right now..)

It's not yet official, so it will not be found there. But it is becoming a 
bit of a not so well-kept secret so this information should be pretty 
harmless. The first phone will be based on the NEC DB7000 (also avaible 
with WAP 1.2.1 browser for other operators). Main menu and general 
characteristics will be the same. 120x160 pixels, 256 colours, 99 grams, 
GPRS of course, final talk and standby time still fussy etc.

Images are not yet to be disclosed, but it looks the same as the DB 7000 
(see below):


A bit later than this one, there will be a few more. For the 1900 MHz band 
in the US, it is still very unclear what may be available and when.

>Ericsson T68 is an good example of a phone that has the technology, bright
>color screen, GPRS, Bluetooth, ... but has awful user interface that hardly
>takes advantage of the joystick of color screen, lacks a number of basic
>features to handle the very basic GSM services and worst of call, has
>probably the worst keypad available on the market (especially too tight for
>the menu and C keys, touch that makes your fingers hurt).

I agree on many of these issues. But it is still a divide between the 
plastic book supports we have got used to in Europe and something you may 
actually start to use for mobile Internet.


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