(keitai-l) Re(2): Re: handwriting as Japanese input method for the keitai

From: Nick May <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 01/05/02
Message-id: <[email protected]>
Nick May writes:
>Voice control of keitais has the same problem that pr0n has on keitais -
>the imode handset is often useful because it creates an area in which one
>can browse and RESPOND privately in a public place.

Yes -sorry to quote myself - but this set me thinking just after I hit the
send button.

We have been treating the camera only as a way to get DATA into the

Given the seriousness of the above problem (for controlling your keitai,
not for pr0n) - I wonder how difficult it would be to use the CAMERA as
the CONTROL input device...

With a series of gestures.... Like signing for the deaf.... Much more

(take pic: press button to put camer into command mode: gesture to "save".

Has there been any research on this? Given that we could make the gestures
VERY stereotyped, would this be a more difficult problem  than OCR? (which
is what it is, I suppose...)

At least when one was asked what exactly one was doing with one's hands
under the table in the restaurant, one would have a decent
answer...."Talking to my keitai".

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