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From: Nick May <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 01/21/02
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keitai-l@appelsiini.net writes:
>Anyone knows more of such products. I am seriously considering
>buying such a product due to heavy use of the keitai.........

I had a quick look out of boredom....


They don't straight out and out lie on the page I read - but it is a
little disingenuous. They go on at length about the dangers of cellphones
- and say that the radiation produced is non-ionizing.  (And hence their
magic product, even if it did what it claimed - would not protect you, by
their own admission.) As regards cellphones, the key part is in the last
sentence of the answer to the last question.
> See below.
>Q. What can we do to make our cell phones safer?
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>A. Limit the length of your phone calls, turn the volume up and hold it
>as far away from your head as possible.† Consider purchasing a low
>emission phone or a hands-free device.† Place X-ion? as close to the
>antenna as possible to help reduce the secondary harmful effects of cell
>phones, positively charged ions.

To be fair, a little earlier in the pa
>ge they said:
>Q. How can we minimize the ill affects of EMF?
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>A. There are only a few known ways to reduce the ill affects of EMF. The
>first is not to use any electricity or electrical devices, which is not
>practical. The second is to shield all devices, which is not always
>possible. The third way to minimize EMFs affects is to put distance
>between you and the source. The greater the distance, the greater the
>reduction in direct radiation.†
>*When you have done the above, place X-ion ? on all your electrical
>appliances to produce a continuous flow negatively charged ions to cancel
>or neutralize the positively charged ions being created by your
>electrical products.† This will help minimize the ill affects of EMF and
>clean your air of potentially damaging ions and pollutants.† Remember,
>put distance between you and the EMF source, and add X-ion? to help
>reduce the secondary affects of EMF, (positively
 charged ions).

as regards this claim, one wants to hear a little more... 
> This will help minimize the ill affects of EMF 

In general they trade on creating fear by citing problems with the primary
effects of EMF, suggesting a practical solution (put distance between you
and the source) and tag on their magic-toy to protect against "secondary


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