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Date: 01/30/02
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Searching the list's archives for "MML" produced 132 results (BTW, only 100
were directly viewable, for the rest I had to manually increment the PAGE in
the URL). I read every one of them, but almost all links mentioned there are
now obsolete. The only useful page I found in the archives, even in
Japanese, is http://www.j-phone.com/jsky_page/web/caution.htm - plus
that Manish mentioned earlier.

Here is what I am looking for concerning MML:

- Language: Formal specification / requirements / guidelines / whetever; a
document I can refer to and be certain that it is complete and correct.
- Gateways: Do they convert, parse, or what?
- Limits: Are there any on the gateways or the devices? Maximum viewable
image sizes etc.
- Publishing: Any web server will do? Extra MIME types needed?
- Phone menu: Is there one that lists all MML sites submitted, or do their
URLs have to typed in?

Hope these are a good starting point.


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quick question:

what resources regarding the creation/serving of jphone/imode webpages, if
any, would list members like to see on the net (that do not currently
exist). The keitai-l archive must be pretty definitive by now, but it is a
little unwieldy....

I doubt there ARE any gaps, but if so, I would like to hear of them. I
have various sniff and serve php functions (to handle web/imode/jphone)
for example - is there a central repository?

Feel free to respond privately if more appropriate.


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