(keitai-l) Docomo & DNS TTLs?

From: Darren Cook <darrenj_at_flyingcolor.com>
Date: 04/04/02
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
I was having trouble yesterday with people accessing a URL from docomo
phones when the DNS TTL is 1 second: the phone gives a time-out message.
Changing it to 1hr seemed to cure the problem. (I also tried a TTL of
60seconds which didn't make any difference, but I only did one test).

Is this coincidence and it was just the docomo network that was busy?
Has anyone else noticed this, and know the minimum TTL? Some interaction
with HTTP keep-alive sessions perhaps? I also had reports that j-phone
had the same problem, but ezweb was fine.

Received on Thu Apr 4 03:12:56 2002