(keitai-l) Re: korean handset subsidies

From: Phillip Zadarnowski <fanjet_at_iinet.com.au>
Date: 04/04/02
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Gerhard Fasol wrote:

>The latest FOMA phones have 262,144 colors. Does anyone know
>whether it's possible to tell the difference between
>65k colors and 262k colors (except maybe on Juergen's super-pix)...

Yes and No.

Two things are a factor in color image rendition:

  * Color distribution
  * Comparison

With color distribution, appropriate dithering can create the
sense of more color range and you'd be surprised just how good
some pictures can look that formerly had 262k colors now reduced
to 256 colors.

Comparison, on the other hand, is merely being able to visually
compare the same images with different color resolution. But
that's not a real situation for most people and only the most
discerning viewer can tell.

I get satellite TV and I'm not impressed with their color
resolution or bandwidth on some channels. But since its the
only game in town, I have to live with it. Yet, other people
just don't view it with the same scrutiny that I do and aren't
even aware of the quality-destroying nature of MPeg. Darn it,
I can even pick annoying audio artifacts in some pieces of digitally
transmitted music and people again give me a puzzled look when I
say "can't you hear that!!!?"

Realistically, I doubt that anyone could pick between a series
of thematically similar but different pictures rendered at 65k and 262k
- especially on those dinky LCD displays of varying contrast and light

All *I* want is a phone with a color display!! Damn GSM!

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