(keitai-l) Re: DoCoMo introduced new emojis

From: Olivier MARTIN <martin_at_anoria.com>
Date: 04/10/02
Message-ID: <1815509738.20020409232930@anoria.com>
09/04/2002, 23:25:00, Olivier writes : 


Where are stored all "emojis" ? on server side or mobile phone side (ROM)?
Is there any limitations to use them on a content page (c-html)?

Thank you in advance


Wednesday, April 03, 2002, 2:34:36 AM, you wrote:

>>> I just saw that NTT DoCoMo introduced new emojis:
>>> http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp@3541246867/english/p_s/i/tag/emoji.html
>> Now what's that @ sign doing there, I wonder?

JS> Hm, must be a session thingy or so. You can see the page
JS> also at their mirror site:


>>> Is this just me or are they a bit "dark"? Biohazard? Hu?
>> Yes, and including an emoji for Nooper is pretty tasteless. ;-)

JS> Isn't it? After a long night in an Izakaya, I got a mail from
JS> the i-mode designer LirpaLirpa-San that they included us in
JS> their update. Even before the Godzilla emoji! What some
JS> gallons of Sake can make happen, tstststs.

JS> Juergen
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