(keitai-l) Re: Opinions on newer J-Phones

From: Mark Frieser <mark_at_consect.com>
Date: 05/13/02
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I would get the KDDI Casio phone - the 3G camera one.  I have it and its
amazing.  Seriously.

On 13-05-2002 8:38, "Kevin Martin" <martink@japan.email.ne.jp> wrote:

> I'm looking to get rid of my N502it DoCoMo and
> get a J-Phone...I was going to get a new N-series
> Docomo phone, but I want to get something with
> a camera to show off to my friends coming over in
> July. :)  Yes, I know about the 251-series, but
> they don't even have Java, so what's the point? :)
> Anyway, I love my N502it to death...it just feels
> "right" to me.  I'm sad to see that NEC doesn't
> really have any new J-Phone models, so that
> leaves me looking at either the SH51 or the T51.
> The SH51 looks cool, even if it feels a bit
> bulky, and it has that SD memory slot, which
> could be useful (though I'm not sure about the
> mp3 capability of it...how long would the battery
> last on that thing if you listen to an entire album's
> worth of mp3s on a 64-meg card?).  The T51 didn't
> feel quite as good to me for some reason, but
> it has the giant bonus of having an English mode
> (even if it does change the menu screens to some
> generic ukiyoe pictures :).  My N502it doesn't have
> English, and I've survived this long, but it would be
> a nice feature to have.
> Anyway, if anyone's used either of these phones, or
> knows of any other models on the near-horizon, please
> let me know your opinions.  I don't want to buy a phone
> for a year and then find out that the interface is so clunky
> that I'll end up hating it after a day or two. :)  I have
> used both phones at a J-Phone store up in Sendai, but
> wasn't really able to decide there which one I preferred.
> Thanks for any opinions!
> Kevin
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