(keitai-l) Re: My first i-mode attempt

From: Jeff Russell <jeff3724_at_attbi.com>
Date: 05/17/02
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Thanks Ed it does and it leads to a follow up question. When you create a 6K
page, what is displayed on browsers that can only handle 5K? Aren't you
eliminating a segment of your market that has the older browsers?
That leads to another question, do you find that applications are very phone
model dependent and you need to check the phone model and modify the app
before sending it or do you code down to the lowest common denominator
We are looking to do content development for Japan which has many older
imode phone in use.

Thanks again,

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> Hi Jeff,
> i understand older browsers support 5k cache and the newer 8k and 10k (and
> some more) You can get the cache size from the User Agent http header
> (HTTP_USER_AGENT). In the Netherlands the NEC N21i Phone is used this has
> the UA string  "portalmm/1.0n21i-10(c10)" c10 tells you, the browser has a
> cache of 10k
> Go to http://www.bwirelezz.com/ua.asp with you r phone to check out your
> useragent and cache size
> Hope this helps you out.
> Ed Alkema
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