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From: Jan Michael Hess <jansan_at_mobileeconomy.de>
Date: 05/21/02
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the official i-mode site for europe seems to be this one:

still, I agree, docomo/eplus don't do a very good job of spreading
info to developers and fostering the unofficial activity.

some unofficial site development with kpn money behind takes place here:

best, jan.

> On 05/20/2002 20:49, "Ben Hutchings" <ben.hutchings@roundpoint.com> wrote:
> >> Why hasn't KPN Mobile got around to offering the same comprehensive
> >> information?
> > 
> > They have, but apparently not to the general public.  I found the
> > required info at <http://www.mtconsultancy.nl/imode/CTI_HTML.300.pdf>.
> This PDF has been posted on several European developer sites but it is still
> essentially a rehash of the original W3C Compact HTML proposal.
> Some of you might remember the "Let's make i-mode sites" workshops DoCoMo
> ran up and down Japan prior to the launch of i-mode. DoCoMo knew i-mode
> wasn't going anywhere without the support of developers and they continue to
> provide developers with the resources they need, official emulator or lack
> of aside.
> When is KPN Mobile going to provide the i-mode phone specs developers need
> or do they foolishly believe their official content partners can satiate
> user demand?
> Kyle
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