(keitai-l) Re: Bulk Mail Problem

From: Nick May <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 05/24/02
Message-id: <fc.000f76100006f0423b9aca0007e52e2e.6f043@kyushunet.com>
keitai-l@appelsiini.net writes:
>There are just a lot of mail to send to i-mode users,for example once a
>They all addressed individually.

I am NOT a mail expert - the joys of sendmail have not entranced me for a
good few years....

Places I would look:

1) is the mail status being set to "bulk" or "low priority" by the mail
agent? (e.g. Sendmail.) Sorry - this question is possibly not using the
exact correct terminiology - I have not had to configure sendmail for a
few years. Try using your mail magazine system email to send a single mail
to yourself (at both a docomo and a non-docomo address), then send a copy
of the mail, including all headers, to me (or post it to the list). 

2) Try sending  them out in bursts of 5 or 10. I guess that only one
connection is made to docomo`s server, even when the mails are all
individually addressed - so it can determine then the number of mails and
drop them if it wants to. So limit the number of mails sent on each

3) is the IP address you are sending the mail from a cable/ADSL IP
address? I have just gone over to adsl from my office - a static IP
address, and can`t send mail at ALL to docomo. But from my QTnet network
it was fine.

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