(keitai-l) createImage

From: Hrishi <hrishikesh_at_gamebox.net>
Date: 05/24/02
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
I am having problems with createImage.. i am able to open a connection and 
get the byte stream.. i am very confused with the creatImage funciton.. i 
am using a panel and a visual presenter i use the following code

  int imgl = (int)conn.getLength();
  istream.read(logo);	//istream = inputstream						
  static Image cImg = createImage(logo,0,imgl);
  MediaImage mImg  = MediaManager.getImage(cImg);

i am not sure how the data is written on the scracthpad.. or is it even 
written.. any help is apprecaited...  also i am not sure about....


if there is a need to set the RequestProperty..... for image.. i may have 
to stream mld also.. when using text. the content type is text/plain.. what 
is it when streaming image or sound files? please help
Received on Sat May 25 02:53:01 2002