(keitai-l) Re: what do people do with the camera phone?

From: Michael Sydenham <michaelsydenham_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 05/26/02
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
>At 20:07 25/05/2002 +0900, Alistair Jeffs wrote:
> >Mark Pekelharing wrote:
> > >
> > > The success of sha-mail has been mentioned around the
> > > world.
> > > Does anyone know what people do with their camera
> > > phones?
> >
> >Yes. They phone, use J-Sky and take pictures and send them.
>what do they do with the ones received? do they print them out? save them
>as desktop pictures?

If you are able to watch Japanese TV, I think the J-phone/Vodaphone TV 
advertising gives a good insight to the (desired/actual) use of these 
phones: e-greeting to a friend (snap a photo/video of yourself saying 
congrats on your wedding, and send it to your friend who is the bride; 
another one - "Look here, I caught the prize-winning fish") and virtual 
exchanges between close-knit friends (kisses, images/words of encouragement) 
etc. The photos can be annotated with text. I think this ad concept is 
pretty smart advertising because a least 2 phones are required to 
participate in this social application.

KDDI are advertising new applications: users taking photos along with GPS 

As for printing, it is possible, at least Sharp make a mobile printer for 
their popular SH-51 movie sha-mail (scroll down near the bottom):

It is possible to save the photo that you took yourself, or received from 
another, as a background "desktop" or wallpaper on the phone.

> > > When do they take pictures?
> >
> >At any time of day and night.
>....at work or only on the weekends or after they finish work?

Think about it - imagine if you always had a mobile digital camera. You'd be 
using it all the time when you got used to it. "I wish I had a camera - 
wait.. I do it is on my phone". Refer to the ad campaign reply above.

> > > What do they pictures of?
> >
> >Themselves. People. Animals. In the case of my kids they
> >also take all sorts of crazy pictures, some of which I
> >better not mention here.
>events? experiences? do people take pictures of that?

Refer to the ad campaign reply above. I think the applications are pretty 

> > > What do they do with these pictures?
> >
> >They email them, and/or keep them stored in the camera.
>see above - do they print them out?

It is possible, but I doubt the mobile printer sales figures are surplanting 
print clubs...



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