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From: Paul Bryan Lester <pbl1_at_livedoor.com>
Date: 07/03/02
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    Wow Juergen;

        Nooper has N501i handsets!  I think you may have future customer,
even in Japan its hard for me to test on some old handsets.  I'll have to
look more carefully on your site!

    This is a great thread, though I have little else to say.  We can finally
e-moji on a web-browser as a result.

Juergen Specht wrote:

> > Message headers required by imode phone (for correct display of emoji):
> Sam's discovery is now officially NooperLabs tested and we can
> confirm that it works on a variety of i-mode handsets starting from
> N501i (1999) to the (almost) latest ones. Unfortunately I can not test
> it on FOMA, because I can't get any FOMA reception at our place as
> it currently seems to be blocked out by scaffolding...a perfect
> FOMA black hole.
> But congratulations Sam, you made quite a discovery. There are 2
> other ways to send emoji to i-mode handsets and you discovered a
> 3rd one which was unknown even to us.
> Good work!
> Juergen
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-Paul Lester
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