(keitai-l) brew vs java

From: dc <dc_at_gamelet.com>
Date: 07/10/02
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>  I'm curious. What is ut about BREW that makes a solid
>  business model for
>  wireless. What does BREW offer that the Java platform does
>  not? I would

Brew is an end-to-end solution. java in wireless is mainly a handset VM and
doesn't solve the billing system part.
Sun of course has a "vending machine" 'specification' for people who want to
build a billing system, and some suggested vendors, but the carrier pretty
much has to roll their own. Qualcomm folks will (for a price) come in and
sort out the billing and SI - it's i-mode for poor (cdma) people. The first
bite of the apple is easy in the garden of cdmeden...

java has many other advantages, but QC is acting like the MS of this world
and doing (imho) a great job of rounding up developers and carriers and
putting in place the other pieces of the puzzle (consumer branding). At the
very least it will motivate all the other carriers to act. Notably Verizon
is now national in the US with (expensive) Brew handsets well before sprint
with their java solution.

Many game developers like brew as you can get closer to the metal. But in
japan generally QC (kddi) phones have lagged behind java phones in CPU
performance, so the benefits of brew have been evened out.

Another positioning difference is that QC is recommending brew as the
environment for basic embedded apps (like phonebook, calendar) so brew
phones _may_ ship with better basic features. I can easily imagine an
enhanced messaging client. Brew sits closer to the OS level like developing
a symbian app.


>  have thought the only difference between the two is which strata of
>  developers you would attract, but perhaps I'm wrong.
>  Jay wrote:
>  > Hello All
>  >I have not posted for a while because I am in the process
>  of writing a book.    I wanted to ask everyone in the group about
>  >1. The viability of Qualcomm's business model in general
>  >2. If the business model will work in ASIA  ( Japan, Korea,
>  China, Philippines )
>  >Currently I see no solid business model for wireless on the
>  phone that will consistantly work untill  BREW came along.
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