(keitai-l) Re: Keitai email virus

From: Kyle Barrow <kyle_at_pukupi.com>
Date: 07/22/02
Message-ID: <B9623F59.CD7%[email protected]>
On 2002-07-22 18:10, "Curt Sampson" <cjs@cynic.net> wrote:

> How about some technical details? What phones does it kill? What exactly
> does the user see? How does it work?
> cjs

I haven't had time today to play with it but it seems to work with phones
using an Access browser; my N503i is affected but my SO211i is not.

The email contains what appears to be a broken graphic icon. Once this email
is opened scrolling of both email messages and i-mode pages is disabled.

To remove these symptoms simply power off your phone.

I'm sure Mika can confirm this but it is probably not appropriate to post
what could be potentially malicious source on this list.

This virus has been floating around for about a month now so why haven't we
read about this in the press yet? Daniel?



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